Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console

Scenario: Migration with virtual Administration Servers by moving devices

July 15, 2024

ID 228022

To perform the migration from Kaspersky Security Center Web Console running on-premises to Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console, you can move your devices from virtual Administration Servers to a primary Administration Server.


Before migration, you must perform a number of actions, including upgrading Administration Server running on-premises to version 12 or later and upgrading the managed applications to versions supported by Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console.

Migration scenario

The scenario proceeds in stages:

  1. Creating an administration group for each of your virtual Administration Servers

    You create the group in your Kaspersky Security Center running on-premises.

  2. Moving your customers' devices

    In Kaspersky Security Center running on-premises, move your customers' devices from each virtual Administration Server to the respective administration group created at the previous stage.

  3. Migration

    Perform migration as described for the network without a hierarchy of Administration Servers.

  4. Moving devices under management of virtual Administration Servers (optional step)

    If you want to manage your customers through virtual Administration Servers, move the devices from the administration groups under management of virtual Administration Servers.

  5. Creating policies, tasks, and reports

    Create policies, tasks, and reports as required.


Upon finishing with the migration, you can make sure that it was successful:

  • Network Agent is re-installed on all managed devices.
  • All devices are managed through Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console.
  • All object settings that were effective before migration are preserved.

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