Key features of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console

July 10, 2024

ID 152882

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console enables you to do the following:

  • Install Kaspersky applications on devices on your network and manage the installed applications.
  • Create a hierarchy of administration groups to manage a selection of client devices as a whole.
  • Create virtual Administration Servers and arrange them in a hierarchy.
  • Protect your network devices, including workstations and servers:
    • Manage an antimalware protection system built on Kaspersky applications.
    • Use the detection and response (EDR and MDR) capabilities (a license for Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response and/or for Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response is required), including:
      • Analyzing and investigating incidents
      • Incident visualization through creating a threat development chain graph
      • Accepting or rejecting responses manually or setting up the auto-accept of all responses
  • Use Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console as a multi-tenant application.
  • Remotely manage Kaspersky applications installed on client devices.
  • Perform centralized deployment of license keys for Kaspersky applications to client devices.
  • Create and manage security policies for devices on your network.
  • Create and manage user accounts.
  • Create and manage user roles (RBAC).
  • Create and manage tasks for applications installed on your network devices.
  • View reports on the security system status for every client organization individually.

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