Step 4. Segment polling and configuring synchronization with Cloud

July 10, 2024

ID 198743

At this step, cloud segment polling starts and a special administration group for cloud devices is automatically created. The devices found during polling are placed into this group. The cloud segment polling schedule is configured every five minutes by default (you can change this setting later).

A Synchronize with Cloud automatic moving rule is also created. For each subsequent scan of the cloud network, virtual devices that are detected will be moved to the corresponding subgroup within the Managed devices\Cloud group.

Define the Synchronize administration groups with cloud structure setting.

If this option is enabled, the Cloud group is automatically created within the Managed devices group and a cloud device discovery is started. The instances and virtual machines detected during each cloud network scan are placed into the Cloud group. The structure of the administration subgroups within this group matches the structure of your cloud segment (in AWS, availability zones and placement groups are not represented in the structure; in Azure, subnets are not represented in the structure). Devices that have not been identified as instances in the cloud environment are in the Unassigned devices group. This group structure enables you to use group installation tasks to install anti-virus applications on instances, as well as set up different policies for different groups.

If this option is disabled, the Cloud group is also created and the cloud device discovery is also started; however, subgroups matching the cloud segment structure are not created within the group. All detected instances are in the Cloud administration group so they are displayed in a single list. If your work with Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console requires synchronization, you can modify the properties of the Synchronize with Cloud rule and enforce it. Enforcing this rule alters the structure of subgroups in the Cloud group so that it matches the structure of your cloud segment.

By default, this option is disabled.

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