Monitoring and reporting capabilities for MSPs

July 10, 2024

ID 153088

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console provides you with monitoring and reporting capabilities. These capabilities give you an overview of your organization infrastructure, protection statuses, and statistics.

When you have deployed Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console, you can configure the monitoring and reporting features to best suit your needs.

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console provides the following types features of monitoring and reporting:

  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Event selections
  • Email notifications


The dashboard allows you to monitor security trends on your organization's network by providing you with a graphical display of information. (See the figure below.)

The Dashboard section contains the following widgets: Protection status, Incidents by status, Incidents requiring actions, Incidents by priority, as well as the button for adding and restoring widgets.

The Dashboard section


The Reports feature allows you to get detailed numerical information about the security of your organization's network, save this information to a file, send it by email, and print it. You can also schedule report delivery by email (see the figure below).

The Reports section contains a list of reports. You can manage the report list and configure each report.

The Reports section

Event selections

Event selections provide an onscreen view of named sets of events that are selected from the Administration Server database. Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console contains a number of predefined event selections (for example, Recent events and Critical events). Also, you can create custom event selections.

Email notifications

You can configure email notification about events occurring in Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console and on your customers' devices.

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