Viewing the device list from a device selection

July 10, 2024

ID 243445

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console allows you to view the list of devices from a device selection.

To view the device list from the device selection:

  1. In the main menu, go to the Assets (Devices) Device selections or Discovery & deployment Device selections section.
  2. In the selection list, click the name of the device selection.

    The page displays a table with information about the devices included in the device selection.

  3. You can group and filter the data of the device table as follows:
    • Click the settings icon (), and then select the columns to be displayed in the table.
    • Click the filter icon (), and then specify and apply the filter criterion in the invoked menu.

      The filtered table of devices is displayed.

You can select one or several devices in the device selection and click the New task button to create a task that will be applied to these devices.

To move the selected devices of the device selection to another administration group, click the Move to group button, and then select the target administration group.

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