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Specifying settings for remote installation on Unix devices

July 15, 2024

ID 212573

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When you install an application on a Unix device by using a remote installation task, you can specify Unix-specific settings for the task. These settings are available in the task properties after the task is created.

To specify Unix-specific settings for a remote installation task:

  1. In the main menu, go to Assets (Devices) Tasks.
  2. Click the name of the remote installation task for which you want to specify the Unix-specific settings.

    The task properties window opens.

  3. Go to Application settingsUnix-specific settings.
  4. Specify the following settings:
    • Set a password for the root account (only for deployment through SSH)
    • Specify the path to a temporary folder with Execute permissions on the target device (only for deployment through SSH)
  5. Click the Save button.

The specified task settings are saved.

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