Creating a policy profile

July 10, 2024

ID 166297

To create a policy profile:

  1. Proceed to the list of profiles of the policy that you want.

    The list of policy profiles appears. If the policy does not have profiles, an empty table appears.

  2. Click Add.
  3. If you want, change the default name and default inheritance settings of the profile.
  4. Select the Application settings tab.

    Alternatively, you can click Save and exit. The profile that you have created appears in the list of policy profiles, and you can edit its settings later.

  5. On the Application settings tab, in the left pane, select the category that you want and in the results pane on the right, edit the settings for the profile. You can edit policy profile settings in each category (section).

    When editing the settings, you can click Cancel to cancel the last operation.

  6. Click Save to save the profile.

The profile will appear in the list of policy profiles.

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