START command

January 10, 2024

ID 148002

Starts the task execution.

Command syntax:

START [<profile>] [/login:<user name>] [/password:<password>] [/R[A]:<report file>]


  • <profile> – profile name. Available profiles:
    • File_Monitoring (FM). File Anti-Virus.
    • Scan_IdleScan. Scanning when the protected virtual machine is idle.
    • Scan_My_Computer. Full scan task.
    • Scan_Objects. Custom scan task.
    • Scan_Qscan. Startup objects scan task.
    • Scan_Startup (STARTUP). Critical areas scan task.
    • SW2. System Watcher.
    • Updater. Database update task.
    • Web_Monitoring (WM). Web Anti-Virus.
    • AmsiTask (Amsi). AMSI Protection.

    If the profile name is not specified, the command displays the list of available profiles. You can also view this list using the following command: HELP START.

  • /login:<user name> – name of the account used to access the application.
  • /password:<password> – password.
  • /R:<report file> – save only critical events to the report.
  • /RA:<report file> – save all events to the report.

    Examples: START Scan_Objects

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