Viewing information about the application

January 10, 2024

ID 147987

The productinfo command displays information about the application.

To view information about the application, run the following command:

lightagent productinfo

This command outputs the following information:

  • Product version – version of installed Kaspersky Security application.
  • Product installation date – date and time of application installation (in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss format).
  • Update informationdatabase update details:
    • Bases timestamp – anti-virus database update release date and time.
    • Last successful update date – date and time when anti-virus databases were last updated (in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss format).
  • Installed patches – information about the installed application module updates.
    • id – identifier of the application module update.
    • description – description of the application module update.
  • KSN informationinformation about KSN usage:
    • Use KSN to check files and web addresses. Possible values: Yes, No.
    • Use extended KSN. Possible values: Yes, No.
    • KSN type. Possible values:
      • Global KSN
      • Private KSN

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