January 10, 2024

ID 179791

This command lets you start, stop, or restart the specified service.

Remotely stopping or restarting the network service may cause the connection to drop or hang. For this reason, two types of network service are provided: network_local and network. For the network_local service, the action is applied immediately (synchronous). It is recommended to use this type of service in the SVM first startup script. For the network service, the action is applied asynchronously (in a separate shell). Therefore, the klconfig script can return control. This means that the invoking side must check the command execution result in no less than 20 seconds.


<Action> <ServiceType1> [<ServiceType2>] [<ServiceType3>]


  • <Action> = start|stop|restart – type of action applied. Possible values:
    • start
    • stop
    • restart
  • <ServiceType> – type of service. Possible values:
    • klnagent – Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent.
    • network – network service (asynchronous).
    • network_local – network service (synchronous).
    • scanserver – Protection Server.
    • sshd – SSH service.


> ssh klconfig@ manageservices restart klnagent scanserver

> klconfig@’s password:

Restarting la-scanserver (via systemctl):[OK]


Specific errors


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