Methods for working with tenants

January 10, 2024

ID 199333

Using the Integration Server REST API, you can perform the following actions when working with tenants and tenant virtual machines:

  • Get information about the tenant
  • Get a list of tenants
  • Get a list of tenant virtual machines
  • Create a new tenant and its protection infrastructure, or register an existing tenant
  • Remove a tenant
  • Activate and deactivate a tenant
  • Register and unregister tenant’s virtual machines

The set of actions performed as a result of some REST API requests depends on the tenant type attribute that you specify when adding the tenant information to the Integration Server database. Deployment and deletion of the tenant protection infrastructure using the Integration Server REST API is available for the complete tenant type. For the simple tenant type, only report receiving function is automated.

In this section:

Getting tenant information

Getting a list of tenants

Getting a list of tenant virtual machines

Creating a new tenant

Activating the tenant

Deactivating the tenant

Registering tenant virtual machines

Unregistering a virtual machine

Removing a tenant

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