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Replacing third-party security applications

July 8, 2024

ID 180093

Installation of Kaspersky security applications through Kaspersky Security Center may require removal of third-party software incompatible with the application being installed. Kaspersky Security Center provides several ways of removing the third-party applications.

Removing incompatible applications by using the installer

This option is available in Microsoft Management Console-based Administration Console only.

The installer method of removing incompatible applications is supported by various types of installation. Before the security application installation, all incompatible applications are removed automatically if the properties window of the installation package of this security application (Incompatible applications section) has the Uninstall incompatible applications automatically option selected.

Removing incompatible applications when configuring remote installation of an application

You can enable the Uninstall incompatible applications automatically option when you configure remote installation of a security application. In Microsoft Management Console (MMC) based Administration Console, this option is available in the Remote installation wizard. In Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, you can find this option in the Protection deployment wizard. When this option is enabled, Kaspersky Security Center removes incompatible applications before installing a security application on a managed device.

How-to instructions:

Removing incompatible applications through a dedicated task

To remove incompatible applications, use the Uninstall application remotely task. This task should be run on devices before the security application installation task. For example, in the installation task you can select On completing another task as the schedule type where the other task is Uninstall application remotely.

This method of uninstallation is useful when the security application installer cannot properly remove an incompatible application.

How-to instructions for Administration Console: Creating a task.

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